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About New Orleans

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Others want to visit.
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Join today and become an integral part of one of the most exciting cities in the world. The abundance of local food and music, our rich history and the vibrant mix of people make New Orleans unlike anywhere else.

Things to do

With year-round festivals, world-famous restaurants and a wealth of family-friendly attractions, New Orleans offers something for everyone. Visit for a slice of things to enjoy on your next trip, and be prepared to discover endless new sources of entertainment for as long as you call New Orleans home.

Cost of Living

New Orleans offers the perks of a global city at a fraction of the living expenses. New Orleans is the 38th most expensive city in the United States, cheaper than New York, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Houston and Dallas, among others. NOPD officers are not required to live in the city proper, so you and your loved ones are free to pursue your dream home anywhere in the greater New Orleans region.


Don’t like snow?  New Orleans is the place for you! Our subtropical climate produces mild winters and allows lush subtropical vegetation to thrive year-round. Temperatures range from an average of 43º F during the night in January to an average of 91º F during the day in July.


New Orleans reinvented its education system in 2006 with an innovative charter school model that is a national leader in allowing parents a wide variety of educational choice. This flexibility includes schools focused on everything from arts to math and science to military preparation. NOPD officers who choose to live outside the city have access to the local and parish (the equivalent of a county) school system of their residence.