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Internship Program

Student Internship Program


The New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) Student Internship Program is an unpaid intensive internship offering U.S. citizen undergraduate and graduate students a chance to witness and participate in the formation and implementation of law enforcement, working closely with officers and staff of the department. The program is both professionally and academically beneficial, providing participants with hands-on experience in a law enforcement setting and insight into the substance and daily operations of the department.

It is considered an intensive educational and experiential learning experience, providing professional experience, personal growth, and development within a law enforcement environment.

The NOPD Internship Program participants serve in various sections of the department. As part of the NOPD Internship Program, participants will:

• Gain practical, professional experience in a law enforcement environment.
• Serve in one of three program seasons: Spring, Summer, or Fall. Each season lasts approximately 12 – 15 weeks. The Student Internship Program team must approve any schedule variations.
• Be expected to work full time, 35-40 hours per week.
• Potentially obtain educational credit.

Experiential Learning

While the duties of the NOPD Student Internship Program participants vary from section to section, it is not uncommon for these students to:

• Participate in meetings with the rank
• Draft, edit, or contribute to reports, communications, talking points, or other materials used by officers and staff
• Support events
• Engage directly with the community to help maintain law and order

Eligibility Requirements

a) U.S. citizenship
b) At least 19 years of age and a junior or senior in an accredited college, university, or graduate student.

  1. A student is an individual who is enrolled in a degree-seeking program in an accredited college or university
  2.  An applicant is considered a junior if they will have completed all sophomore credits (60 or more semester hours or 90 quarter hours) by the time the internship begins and will be entering at least the junior year immediately following completion of the internship
  3. An individual enrolled in school and receiving credit toward their degree for participating in the Student Internship Program is also considered a student

c) A student must maintain enrollment with the school during participation in the program.. Withdrawal from school means withdrawal from the Intern Program. A student may withdraw from the program and submit an application for Police Recruit, at which time they seek employment from NOPD.
d) No conviction of:

  1. A felony,
  2. Any crime of a sexual nature,
  3. Any crime of violence,
  4. Any crime related to moral turpitude,
  5. Any crime related to impersonating a peace officer, or
  6. A misdemeanor crime within the past 10 years, excluding minor traffic offenses.

e) A personal background history and character suitable for a person representing the department as validated by a background investigation.


The Application Packet will consist of the following:

  1. Application
  2. Cover Letter (include the area of interest)
  3. Essay on “Why should the NOPD select you?”
  4. Resume
  5. Minimum GPA of 2.50 on a 4.0 scale
  6. College Transcript
  7. Verification of current enrollment (produced at the time of application and periodically throughout the internship)
  8. Letter of recommendation from a college official, city official, or NOPD officer

Those interested in applying for the NOPD Student Internship Program must begin by submitting the application packet via email to:

Sgt. Christopher Prochaska
(504) 321.0720

Application Processing Timetable


Summer Internship

Fall Internship

Spring Internship

Application Opens




Application Deadline (including all supporting documents)




Selection Process – Students under consideration may be contacted for interviews and may receive tentative offers directly from the section commander.




Selectees notified of selection in writing or via email by Recruitment Office




Applicants not selected notified via email by Recruitment Office




Interns Enter on Duty

May – June

August – September

January - February

Internship Ends




 *These dates are tentative and subject to change. Applicants should review vacancy announcements for the most accurate information.