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Police Recruit Practice Exam

Written Comprehension

For the following section, read the following scenario and answer questions 1-5.

At approximately 11:00am on Tuesday, October 23rd, a robbery was reported at the First National Bank on Second St. As indicated by the bank tellers, three vehicles were noticed parked outside of a bank during the time of the robbery: a red sports car, a muddy pickup truck, and a delivery van. One customer witnessed the robbery, indicating that the suspect drove off in the pickup truck. Police responded to the bank's silent alarm, arriving at the bank at 11:17am, 9 minutes after receiving the call from the dispatcher. The only vehicle still parked at the bank when the officers arrived was the sports car. A search was initiated to find the suspect's vehicle based on the descriptions given by the bank tellers. Investigators determined the sports car belonged to a bank customer. Later, the delivery van was stopped during a routine delivery appointment. The case was soon solved and the suspects were apprehended.

1.At what time did the officers arrive on scene?

2.Who witnessed the suspect flee the bank?

3.Who/what alerted the officers to the robbery?

4.Who initially received notification of the robbery taking place?

5.What day of the week was the bank robbed?

Please read the following scenario and answer questions 6-10.

Alex and Anabelle Gutierrez reported a stolen vehicle to the police department. Officer Jerry Sanders met with the owner of the vehicle, Anabelle, to go over the details of the report. According to Mrs. Gutierrez, her silver, 2015 Toyota Corolla, was stolen while she was out of town for work on Tuesday, May 15. Officer Sanders asked Mrs. Gutierrez how she knew it was stolen on that specific date. She told him that her employer had sent a company vehicle to pick her up at her residence, 513 Plymouth Dr., at 5:00 a.m. that same Tuesday. She was driven to a nearby city for a meeting and then driven back to her house later that evening at 8:30 p.m. It was at that point that she noticed her vehicle was no longer in her drive-way. After speaking with her husband, Alex Gutierrez, she confirmed that it was indeed missing. According to Mrs. Gutierrez, the vehicle had approximately 11,000 miles on it, grey interior, and no exterior damage. After gathering information on the license plate, vehicle identification number, vehicle insurance, and registration, Officer Sanders proceeded to finish his report and relay the information to the investigation unit.

6.Who was the owner of the missing vehicle?

7.What date was the vehicle stolen on?

8.How many miles did the stolen vehicle have on it?

9.What is the address where the reported vehicle was stolen?

10.What color was the interior of the stolen vehicle?

Reasoning Part 1

For the following section, use the graph provided on the next page to answer question 11. Number of Speeding Tickets Issued per Officer

11.Mr. Voorhies is a resident of a neighborhood on the edge of town. He told the police department that the cars passing through his neighborhood speed frequently. Captain Morales wants to place the highest performing officer in the neighborhood. Based on the chart above, which officer has the best record of catching speeding drivers?

Please use the following graphs to answer questions 12 -13. Pre and Post Program Implementation

12.Nine cities around the country recently implemented a program that brought in extra funding for their respective police departments. This funding allowed them to hire more officers and obtain more advanced equipment. Based on the information provided above, what major trend can be observed after the program was implemented?

13.Which two cities had the most noticeable decrease in crime rate after the program implementation?

Reasoning Part 2

For the following section, use the information in the passage below to answer Question 14.

Criminal Mischief – The crime of criminal mischief is committed when:

  1. The person intentionally damages property belonging to another and the amount of damage is $250 or more; or
  2. A person intentionally damages property, in any amount, by means of explosives.

14.According to the definition above, which of the following examples below is the best example of criminal mischief?

Please use the information in the following passage to answer Questions 15-16.

Prior to all canine deployments, the handler shall:

  1. Ensure his/her body-worn camera is activated before the warning is given and before deployment of the canine.
  2. Notify the Communications Section on the primary dispatch talk group for the District in which the deployment is taking place of the imminent deployment of the canine so that all officers in the area are aware of the deployment. The dispatcher shall announce the time over the radio. The unit and time of the announcement shall be documented by the dispatcher in the call history.
  3. Unless warnings impose an imminent threat of danger to the canine handler or other officers on scene, issue three (3) loud and clear warnings that a canine will be deployed and advise the suspect to surrender. For example: “Warning, a police canine will be used to search this (area to be searched), if you don’t come out, I will release my dog. If approached by the dog, surrender and remain still.”
  4. Obtain prior approval from a supervisor for any unannounced search, and document the reasons for not giving a warning and the name of the approving supervisor in his/her deployment report.
  5. Where there is reason to believe that a suspect may not speak or understand English, where practical, obtain language assistance in giving the mandated canine warning. The handler shall announce the warning in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

15.Officer Lowry is in pursuit of a suspect who has hidden in an abandoned building. A canine unit is standing by to locate and disable the suspect. The suspect is not believed to be armed, but is refusing to respond to commands to surrender himself. Which of the following actions must be taken before the canine is released?

16.Police are asked to respond to a report that a homeless man has assaulted a tourist. The homeless man is well-known by the police based on similar prior offenses and other verbal threats. The suspect is suspected to be mentally ill and armed with an improvised projectile weapon. The suspect is seen fleeing the area and it is decided that a canine unit will be deployed to stop him. Which of the following actions should be taken by the officers who respond to the call?

Problem Sensitivity

For the following section, read each passage and select the corresponding answer choice that represents the most logical action.

17.Officer Sims is conducting his nightly neighborhood check as a result of a recent string of neighborhood robberies. He soon notices a man in dark-colored clothing quickly walking down the road with his head facing toward the ground. The man does not make eye contact with him, and continues to walk by. What should Officer Sims first do?

18.Officer Creswell responds to a call for service at Mrs. Babin’s home. When he arrives at the home, Mrs. Babin tells Officer Creswell that her light blue, 2010 Toyota Camry vehicle has been stolen. She continues by telling him that the last time she saw her car was around 10:00 p.m. the previous night, when she parked the car in her driveway. After completing the interview, Officer Creswell returns to his patrol car to prepare the report. In his report, Officer Creswell writes that Mrs. Babin reported that her vehicle, a light blue, 2010 Toyota Camry, was stolen. He also writes that the vehicle was last seen at 10:00 p.m. in her garage. What is the problem with Officer Creswell’s report?

19.Two officers regularly argue while on patrol. Most of the time the incidents are minor and no one notices. However, at other times they argue in front of citizens, which you believe can leave a poor impression of the police. You recognize that something must be said to them. How would you handle the situation?


For the following section, you will be shown an image for 1 minute and then will be asked questions about that image that you will be required to answer from memory.

20.How many police vans were on the scene?

21.How many lanes does the road have?

22.Which police agency was on the scene?

23.How many officers are in the picture?

24.What was on the officer’s head?

25.What color was the handcuffed individual’s shirt?

26.How many individuals are handcuffed in the photo?

27.What color sunglasses is the seated man wearing?

28.How many individuals are in the photo?

Mathematical Ability

For the following section, select the answer choice that best solves the question.

29.For a school fundraiser, Andrew needs to sell 49 rolls of wrapping paper. So far, he has sold 1 roll to his grandmother, 10 rolls to his uncle, and 1 roll to a neighbor. How many more rolls of wrapping paper does Andrew need to sell?

30.80 x 7 =


32.The area of map of the world is 40 square feet. It is 5 feet tall. How wide is it?

33.-5 + 89 =

34.159/3 =

Information Ordering

For the following section, use the information provided to answer the questions below.

35.Mrs. Mouton has called the police station again to report that her cat is stuck in the tree yet again. Indicate which order of events is most appropriate for handling the situation.

  1. Call the fire department to request a ladder.
  2. Wish Mrs. Mouton a good evening and advise her that food sometimes works to get the cat down from the tree.
  3. Call Mrs. Mouton to confirm the cat is still stuck.
  4. Attempt to retrieve the cat without a ladder.
  5. Proceed to Mrs. Mouton's house to assess the situation.
  6. Climb the ladder and get the cat out of the tree.

36.You went to a local bank to gather information on a crime. The following statements were taken from a witness and describe what happened during an attempted robbery earlier that day. Put these statements in the most logical sequence of events. The steps include:

  1. "I was ordered to hand over all of my valuables."
  2. "I remained on the scene to provide investigators with pertinent information."
  3. "One of the men took my wallet."
  4. "The five men ran past the police, out of the back door, and escaped."
  5. "The police came into the bank attempted to arrested the masked men."
  6. "Five masked men entered the bank."

Based on the information above, what is the most logical order of steps?

37.You are at the firing range to test fire your newly issued pistol. When first entering the facility, you are required to review the safety guidelines. They are as follows:

  1. All firearms should not be turned off of safety until immediately before firing.
  2. Reloading of any firearm should be done outside of the firing zone.
  3. All firearms to be used must be registered before they can be brought into the facility.
  4. Provided ear protection must be securely fastened before entering the firing zone.
  5. Turn all firearms to safety position before leaving the firing zone.
  6. Return all ear protection equipment to the desk before leaving.

A checklist is to ensure everyone in the facility is following the rules as they go. Based on the information above, what is the most logical order for this check list?

Spatial Orientation

For this section, you will be provided a map with a North arrow. You will then be given a situation in which you must determine the shortest (least distance) route from one location on the map to another. Alternatively, you may be tested on where one object is in relation to another. Map Use the map above to answer the following questions.

38.You are asked to transport a prisoner from the Nash City Jail to the town of Cold Stream. Cold Stream is located approximately 75 miles’ northeast of Nash City, along the I-68 corridor. Which option would be the most appropriate and shortest route?

39.Where is JD's Fly & Tackle Shop in relation to the coffee shop?

40.Officer Lane is at the Wine Garden. She walks west and turns south at the first intersection. She then proceeds to the next intersection and turns east and walks approximately half a block. She has arrived at what location?

41.The Nash City basketball team is playing in a big game tonight and the city has decided to close the street between the arena and the adjacent concession stands. Which street will be closed?

42.A witness to a robbery indicated that the suspect stole a pair of shoes from the Shoe Wall Shoe Store and ran south through Olivia's Dog park. The suspect then ran between the coffee shop and the Pancake House. What street did the suspect cross?

Writing Ability

For the following section, identify the number of errors per line within the scenario. The scenario contains spelling, punctuation, and grammar related errors. There will be no more than 4 errors per line.

The following is Officer McNeil’s account of an incident that occurred earlier:

I was driving down marbury Street when I saw the car in front of me pass through an red

lite. I imediately turned on my lights and siren. When the driver of the car relized that I

was pulling him over, him turned into the parking lot of a local departmant store. As I

walked up to the car, the driver imediately said, I know, I ran the red lite.” While the man

was handing me her drivers lisense and vehecle registration, I asked him if there was a

reason that he drove through the lite. The man imediately said that there was an emergincy,

so he was in a hurry. I asked the man to tell me more about the emergincy. He then starts

to stutter and finally admitted that he was texting while driving so he did not notice the

red lite. After essuing him a ticket for violateing traffic laws, I reminded him of the

dangers assoceated with texting and driving. Once he drove away, I returned to my patrol

vehecle and completed my paperwork.